Overview of the Cliffs on Possum Kingdom

The Cliffs On Possum Kingdom Lake

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Getting To Know Your Community

         The Cliffs on Possum Kingdom Lake is debatably one of highest level executive housing communities on Possum Kingdom Lake. With astounding views, an 18-hole golf course, club house, spa, and much more, it is easy to see why so many people are making this community their home.

Property Owners Association       

    This community has some of the strictest policies of any of the housing communities on PK lake. And with good reason. This upscale community gives access to the only 18-hole golf course in the Possum Kingdom Lake area and is one of only 2 communities with a restaurant inside the premises. As a result, the Property Owners Association does their best to maintain and uphold the highest levels of excellence in order to insure the long term executive level status often associated with The Cliffs on Possum Kingdom.

         As previously mentioned, the on site restaurant, known as the Chaparral Grille and Spurs Bar, offer upper end cuisine with “fresh seafood” and “aged beef”. The bar allows for casual drinks with a neighbor or a way to relax after finishing the 18-hole golf course.

The Cliffs on Possum Kingdom golf course. An 18 hole Texas Championship Course.

Championship Golf Course At Possum Kingdom Lake

Take full advantage of the Cliffs’ championship golf course which is considered one of the toughest courses in the state. The manicured course is a highlight destination for golfers around the country, and visited by world renowned athletes alike. Cut into the Texas landscape, this course encompasses both the rugged and rolling beauty of Texas. The grounds keepers take upper level care that only a few golf courses exhibit on this level. Furthermore, while traversing this course, you will experience jaw dropping views from atop the community’s stunning rock walls. You will have greater understanding and appreciation for this community’s design and namesake. Play through naturally formed gullies and learn to master a course with 40 feet of ground level variation, all the while enjoying the fresh air 100 feet above the waters of Possum Kingdom.

The Cliffs Above Possum Kingdom Lake. Condominiums, Inn, Restaurant, spa, and fitness center.

Accommodations and Amenities At The Cliffs

         But what about accommodations? All your friends coming in for an annual reunion and golf game can find plenty of rooms to stay in, and not even leave the property. Unique to The Cliffs is their inn, “Resort Villas”, and “Luxury Condominiums”. Give your large party of guests plenty of options to stay nearby, without overstepping your privacy.

What other amenities might you find at The Cliffs? There are 2 pools, tennis courts, options for the spa and fitness center, 2 park areas, and a large playground for the kids. There really is a little something for everyone. And if you’re looking for boat access, The Cliffs has their own marina to help fill your needs.

Luxury Living

         Enjoy luxury level living within the gated community of The Cliffs on PK. It also boasts a fully equipped security gate house, and full time security team. It is no surprise that this leads to an increase in safety; resulting in perhaps the most secure community on the lake.

         In conclusion, The Cliffs at Possum Kingdom obviously has many great features and top of the line accommodations. With views over the lake or options for pristine golfing, family friendly amenities, and lake access, this POA is strong and unique, with options not offered by any other community on Possum Kingdom Lake.

For viewing The Cliffs POA building and governing documents, you can use this site.

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