Tornado at Possum Kingdom Lake

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Friends and family took shelter on Monday March 21, 2022, from a Tornado at Possum Kingdom Lake. Phone alarms went off in unison as the national weather service sent out a severe weather advisory. The storm started out slow with heavy rains and light winds. However, quickly took a turn for the worst as the wind picked up. Witnesses saw the tornado touch down on broadway around 3 pm. The tornado headed north on the peninsula starting on upper Burma road. A trail of destruction followed in its path. The tornado tore off roofs, flipped and broke boat docks, and damaged trees up the north end of the lake. Thankfully no injuries were reported from the tornado.

Major damage areas from Tornado at Possum Kingdom Lake.

The major tornado damage areas included
Burma road on the Penisula
Edgewater on the West Side
ArrowHead on the West Side
M Anthony on the North End
Rock Creek Camp on the North end.

flipped dock from the tornado at possum kingdom lake

Damage Areas around the Possum Kingdom Lake Counrty.

Major thunderstorms stretched all the way up to Oklahoma. Windmills outside of Graham Texas took major damage from high winds. Jacksboro Highschool suffered major losses as Gym and cafeteria roofs were torn off.
Lake Local Bryce reported from the east side of pk with drone footage of the storm areas.
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