Possum Kingdom Lake Mardi Gras

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Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce is hosted its annual Mardi Gras PK Style parade and shrimp peel on March 2nd. The Mardi Gras event is one of the biggest events of the year with hundreds of people in participation. Possum Kingdom Real Estate® always participates in a big way with many agents and floats that have won prizes; we placed 2nd land 1st place in previous years…AND WE HAD A VERY COOL FLOAT THIS YEAR but the competition was fierce so we were lucky to have placed third!!

The event started off at 3:00PM Saturday afternoon with the parade rolling out floats of many of the local businesses and organizations. There is no entry fee for the parade and there were prizes given out to the 1st-3rd placed floats. A Mardi Gras store located in the Chamber that will offered throw beads, float decorations, hat, masks, and much more!

People will start lining up for the all-you-can-eat shrimp boil around 6:00PM at the Chamber building; the dinner was absolutely delicious and the authentic Cajun-style music was awesome. Visit the Chambers website for details as they are known for next year’s event.


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