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In a world where technology can often cut us off from one another, Possum Kingdom Real Estate® is using technology and a co-working space to bring agents and the lake community together. By adding a few modifications to our Welcome Center, we have put other agents and clients at ease, help them feel comfortable, and are sealing deal with technology, comfy food and Starbucks’s lattes.

Real estate agents use our cafe in the newly remodeled Welcome Center — referred to in our industry as a “mobile workspace” — to access Wi-Fi, download materials, and meet with clients in a professional environment. The lobby has current financial & news streaming TVs, private conference rooms and outdoor patio.

Offering the latest real estate technology, a new cafe-style real estate office serving agents and the lake community at Possum Kingdom Lake is nearly paperless and provides agents and their clients with around-the-clock access to transaction documents. Our agents are already handling their business remotely. The coffee cafe at The Welcome Center is a logical extension of that business.

The Welcome Center Coffee Café, located at 1677 Park Road 36, on the eastside of Possum Kingdom Lake, will have a full service Starbucks coffee bar, sweet treats and offer lake area information. Our plans are to make The Welcome Center a community place.


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