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There are many lakes in Texas, but none stand out quite as much as Possum Kingdom Lake. This Texas lake, which is sometimes known as “P.K.”, is a 17,000-acre lake on the Brazos River and is located mainly in Palo Pinto County Texas. Also known for its clear blue waters, this Texas lake is an amazing place to visit or to live year round. The activities that are available all seasons bring tourists and residents together. The communities of Possum Kingdom Lake are also friendly and all have a laid back atmosphere.

There are plenty of things to do on and around this Texas lake and you may find yourself wondering where to start; with camping, fishing, water sports and many more things to do, it can be a tricky decision. Because of the clear blue waters - in fact Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the clearest lakes in Texas - scuba diving and swimming are incredibly popular here.

The draw of the Texas lake activities available in this area have been a large part of the tourism industry around Possum Kingdom Lake for years, and will most likely be for years to come. The vast array of events and attractions that are available all year round is what sets this Texas lake apart from the rest. Lake seasons are spring and summer, purely because of the nice weather, but don’t feel any pressure to choose something to do during these warm and sunny days; you may want to just relax and take in the beautiful surroundings that are breathtaking.

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